The Final Quest

Quotes from “The Final Quest”
by Rick Joyner

Then the angel explained, “What you see with the eyes of your heart is more real than what you see with your physical eyes.” I had myself made this statement many times, but how little I had walked in it! The angel continued, “It was for this reason that the Lord told His first disciples that it was better for Him to go away so that the Holy Spirit could come. The Lord dwells within you. You have taught this many times, but now you must live it, for you have eaten of the Tree of Life. The angel then began to lead me back to the gate. I protested that I did not want to leave. Looking surprised, the angel took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eyes. This was when I recognized him; it was Wisdom. “You never have to leave this garden. The garden is in your heart because the Creator Himself is within you. You have desired the best part, to worship and sit in His presence forever, and it will never be taken from you. But you must take it from here to where it is needed most.”

“It would have been better for them, but not for you. By staying here they made it easier for you to climb by keeping most of your enemies occupied. Very few from the higher levels ever reached out to help others come to the mountain, but these did. Even when these were barely clinging to the mountain themselves, they would reach out to pull others up. In fact, most of the mighty warriors were led to the mountain by these faithfull ones. These are no less heroes than those who made it to the top. They brought great joy to heaven by leading others to Salvation. It was for this reason that all the angels in heaven wanted to come to minister to them, but only the most honored were permitted.”

“Pride is the hardest enemy to see, and it always sneaks up behind you,” Wisdom lamented. “In some ways, those who have been to the greatest heights are in the greatest danger of falling. You must always remember that in life you can fall at any time from any level.”

“The Lord is closer to the homeless than to kings. You only have true strength to the degree that you walk in the grace of God, and ‘He gives His grace to the humble.'”

“God has a different definition of peace and safety than we do. To be wounded in the fight is a great honor. It is by the Lord’s stripes that we are healed, and it is through our stripes that we, too, are given the authority for healing. In the very place that the enemy wounds us, once we are healed, we are given the power to to heal others. Healing was a basic part of the Lord’s ministry, and it is also a basic part of ours. That is one reason why the Lord allows bad thing to happen to His people, so that they can recieve the compassion for others by which the power of healing operates. … Every wound, every bad thing that happens to us, can be turned into the authority to do good.”

“It is true that you were not perfect, and I discerned some of your problems rightly, but that is never a reason to reject someone,” he replied. “The Lord did not reject the world when He saw its failures. He did not reject me when He saw my sin. He laid down His life for us. It is always the greater who must lay down his life for the lesser. … I rejected the Lord by rejecting you and the others whom He sent to me.”

“Do not try to teach others to do what you, yourself, are not doing. Reformation is not just a doctrine. True reformation only comes from union with the Savior. When you are yoked with Christ, carrying the burdens that He gives you, He will be with you and carry them for you. You can only do His work when you are doing it with Him, not just for Him. Only the Spirit can beget that which is Spirit. If you are yoked with Him you will do nothing for the sake of politics or history. Anything that you do because of political pressures, or oportunities, will lead you to the end of your true ministry. The things that are done in an effort to make history will, at best, confine your accomplishments to history, and you will fail to impact eternity. If you do not live what you preach to others you disqualify yourself from the high calling of God …”

“The more that you are forgiven the more that you love. After we forgave each other we loved each other more. … If you truly love, you will truly forgive. The harder it is for you to forgive, the further you are from true love. Forgiveness is essential.”

“With true love, men become true men, and women can be the women they were created to be, because their love has replaced their fear. Love will never manipulate or try to control out of insecurity, because love casts out all fear. The very place where relationships can be the most corrupted is also where they can be the most fulfilling, after redemption has worked in them. True love is a taste of heaven, and lust is the enemy’s ultimate perversion of the glory of heaven. To the degree that you are free of lust on earth, to that degree you will begin to experience heaven.”

“As your mind is renewed by the Spirit of Truth, you will not see relationships as an opportunity to get from others, but to give. Giving provides the greatest fulfillment that we can ever know.”

“True love never seeks to be first, or to be in control, but rather the place of service.”

“No man stands alone, and every human failure, or victory, resonates far beyond our comprehension, even for generations to come.”

“Had I sought the Lord instead of knowledge about Him, many thousands who I could have led succesfully would have resulted in many more millions being here now. Anyone who understands the true nature of authority would never seek it, but only accept it when they know they are yoked with the Lord, the only One who can carry authority without stumbling. Never seek influence for yourself, but only seek the Lord and be willing to take His yoke.”

“Lord!” I shouted, forgetting everyone but Him. “I now know that this throne of judgment is also the throne of grace, and I ask You now for the grace to serve You. Above all things I ask You for grace! I ask You for the grace to finish my course. I ask You for the grace to love You like this so that I can be delivered from the delusions and self-centeredness that have so perverted my life. I call upon You for salvation from myself and the evil of my own heart, and for this love that I now feel to flow continually in my heart. I ask You to give me Your heart, Your love. I ask You for the grace of the Holy Spirit to convict me of my sin. I ask You for the grace of the Holy Spirit to testify of You, as You really are. I ask for the grace to testify of all that You have prepared for those who come to you. I ask for the grace to be upon me to preach the reality of this judgment. I ask for the grace to share with those who are called to occupy these empty thrones, to give them words of life that will keep them on the path of life, that will impart to them the faith to do what they have been called to do. Lord, I beg You for this grace.”

“So you must seek love first, and then faith. You cannot please Me without faith. But faith is not just the knowledge of My power, but the knowledge of My love and the power of My love. Faith must first be for love. Seek faith to love more, and to do more with your love. Only when you seek faith to love can I trust you with My power. Faith works by love.”

“That is why you will be judged because of the careless words that you speak. To be careless is to care less. Words have power, and those careless with words cannot be trusted with the power of My word. It is wisdom to be carerful with your words, and to keep them as I do Mine.”


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