Server 2008 hiberfil.sys exists…

Tidbit of information, I just ran out of space on a 2008 web server’s c:\ drive and found the hiberfil.sys file was 4gb… also had some log files to clear but found this information about the hiberfil.sys in a M$ forum somewhere. I executed the command on my server and it went away …

By default, in Windows Server 2008, the Hibernation feature is disabled (power options), yet the hiberfil.sys file is created. The hyberfil.sys file has the size of the servers’ physical memory, which can be many gigabytes. This is pointless because hibernation is not supposed to be used on production servers at all. A complete waste of resources. It may even be included in backups … (haven’t verified this)

At best, the hibernation feature may be used in Windows Server 2008 test/demo environments. Even there it shouldn’t be enabled by default and there shouldn’t be a hyberfil.sys file.

powercfg.exe -h off

This command worked and removed the hiberfil.sys.

I agree, it’s really not a good idea to have that by default. The excuse that it exists in case of power-failure and switch to UPS makes no sense. You don’t need hiberfil.sys to protect you from power-failure. We’ve never had a problem with a properly configured UPS setup on a server when there is a powerfailure. If you turn off hibernation, the file should go away, period! If it’s turned off by default then the file shouldnt’ exist by default. Typical MS logic. Either way, not a big deal to get around.


~ by worldcrossings on June 25, 2010.

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