DNS Record Types

Just some DNS information that is good to understand if you are manageing dns records for a website or company…

An ‘A’ or ‘Address’ record ties a domain name to an IP address. If there is a server on the Internet that is configured to handle traffic for this domain, you can enter the name of the domain ocalafl.org and the IP address of the server (for example ‘’) and your domain will point to that IP address.

ocalafl.org A
http://www.worldcrossings.com A

A ‘CNAME’ or ‘Common Name’ creates an alias from a domain name to another. For example, you can create a CNAME from ‘subdomain.ocalafl.org’ to ‘www.internet.com’, and every reference to ‘subdomain.worldcrossings.com’ will go to ‘www.internet.com’, regardless of how http://www.internet.com changes their IP addresses.
Please note that if you define a CNAME for one of your subdomains, there should be no A or MX record defined for that subdomain.

worldcrossings.com CNAME http://www.internet.com
subdomain.worldcrossings.com CNAME http://www.internet.com
subdomain.worldcrossings.com CNAME http://www.worldcrossings.com

An ‘MX’ or ‘Mail Exchange’ record is used to specify what server on the Internet is running e-mail software that is configured to handle e-mail for your domain. Additionally, if you define several MX records, the Priority lets you specify the order in which they should be tried. Mail servers with the lowest pritority will be tried first.

worldcrossings.com MX 0 mail1.worldcrossings.com
worldcrossings.com MX 5 mail2.worldcrossings.com
subdomain.worldcrossings.com MX 0 mail1.worldcrossings.com
subdomain.worldcrossings.com MX 5 mail2.worldcrossings.com

An ‘NS’ or ‘Name Server’ record allows you to delegate one of your subdomains to other name servers. These other name servers are responsible for providing A, MX, etc. records for the delegated subdomain. Note that to change the NS records for your base domain name (ocalafl.org), you must do it through the domain’s registrar. To change the name servers of domains of which we are the registrar, use the “update name servers” link on our main account management page.

subdomain.worldcrossings.com NS ns1.worldcrossings.com
subdomain.worldcrossings.com NS ns2.worldcrossings.com

A ‘TXT’ or ‘Text’ record allows you to add a comment to a domain or subdomain record that will be available through DNS. A common use for TXT records is to specify a Sender Permitted From (SPF) record for a domain. You can find more information about SPF at: http://www.openspf.org or use the SPF wizard at: http://old.openspf.org/wizard.html

worldcrossings.com TXT For Questions, contact: me@mydomain.com
worldcrossings.com TXT ‘v=spf1 a:mail.ocalafl.org’


~ by worldcrossings on June 23, 2010.

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